A Blessed Triduum

Tue, 03/30/2021 - 12:31pm

An Easter Message of Hope


It seems we live in a world filled with so many contradictions:

  • senseless mass shootings, yet people raising their voices for gun control;
  • millions of Covid deaths worldwide, but the hope of broader vaccine distribution;
  • the storming of a Capitol and a Constitution that prevailed;
  • injustices caused by racism, but an awakening to human dignity;
  • people prosecuted for their faith who welcome a Pope who travels to support them.
  • in the same season, nature produces deadly storms, but also budding flowers and trees.

Too often, we look at all of it through the lens of the evening news or the latest social media post, 

but God grants us the wisdom to look at all of it through the lens of Scripture and the eyes of faith.


Even the liturgies of these holy days appear to be filled with contradictions:

  • the sharing of the meal and the betrayal in the garden;
  • the violence of the Passion and the joy of the Resurrection;
  • the denial by Peter and Christ’s three-fold command to “feed my sheep;”
  • the darkness of the tomb and the dawn of finding it empty;
  • the renunciation of sin and the profession of faith;
  • sacred silence replaced by songs of “Alleluia;”
  • and the penitence of Lent giving way to the fifty days of Paschal joy.


And in the Paschal Mystery, we recognize our own dying and rising

giving thanks to God for the gift of salvation.


And I thank you for all you have done to serve God’s people in these challenging times.

Thank you for serving your assemblies –

within the walls of a church and within the walls of their homes.

Thank you for preparing and celebrating the Church’s Liturgy in all its fullness.

Thank you for reminding us -- through rituals and symbols, Word and Sacrament --

that Christ has conquered sin and death,

that God’s mercy is everlasting,

and that the Spirit always gives hope to a weary world.


In a time seemingly filled with contradictions,

may your life always be illumined by moments of hope,

and the certain knowledge of the Resurrection.

May you and yours have a blessed Triduum!



Rita Thiron

Executive Director, FDLC